Zhongshan TSIN-IP Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd, an entity enterprise dealing with producing, selling and scientific research, is the mainstay enterprise of industrial system as well as the exporting base of national electrical equipment and machines in Zhongshan city. We possess eight professional manufacturers as well as supply and marketing company, including Zhongshan Household Electric Appliance General Factory (main enterprise of the company, self-owned enterprise in foreign business), Zhongshan TSIN-IP Plastic Factory, Zhongshan TSIN-IP Injection, Zhongshan Zhongfu Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd, Zhongshan TSIN-IP Household Appliances Industrial Material Company, Zhongshan Lianyi Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd, TISN-IP Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd Macao, TSIN-IP Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co. Ltd Macao and TSIN-IP Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd (joint venture company) Hong Kong. In addition, there are some subsidiary such as new products creating center, computer center and products testing center. Recently, there are more than 1500 employees including 100 various professional technicians.
The main products include: a series of electric fans, kitchen range hoods, multi-purpose deep fryer, electric cooker, electric heater, electric water heater, coffee maker, etc. The products vary in style and the annual output is more than 4 million, the export volume of electric fans has been ranking 2nd in the fan industry of China since 1995.The products have a good selling in more than 60 countries and regions besides China.

liuxian.gif (106716 bytes)    The company is devoted to science and technology, that for developing computer system of management, the management and producing march toward the informationized, standardized and modernized. In June 1997, the ISO9001 quality system has been certified by TUV Rheinland. Meantime, we have high-speed auto depressor, motor assembling line, plastic injection machine production, electrostatic and powder coating processing line as well as assembling production line. This equipment enables us to perform in product design, assembly, testing, packaging, selling and after-service etc.
TSIN-IP electrical appliances follow the international trend with standardization and seriation. We have a certificate of the Great Wall in 1994 in China and also approved by GS of Germany, UL of U.S.A, CSA of Canada, BS of England, SAA of Australia and GS-EMC-CE of European Community. TSIN-IP has been awarded for more than 100 times by the state, government and the chamber of commerce since 1985.

    Forwards to a new era, TSIN-IP will keep on going with the police that we will provide the best quality products, respecting customers, technology innovation and expanding market around the world. We will implement a global marketing strategy to strengthen the popularization of TSIN-IP brand and develop new products constantly, in future, we hope that our brand name TSIN-IP should be taken better share in the international markets and cocal market as well.

    We warmly welcome you to be here and let's be successfully together.

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